Why Visit Argentina?

7 Exciting Reasons To Visit Argentina

There’s just something about Argentina. Some say it’s the beautiful people, some claim it’s their powerful and artistic historical background; while others simply blame the staple Dulce de Leche.  Argentina is a unique, fun, and incredibly diverse country that will make anyone want to become a permanent resident after visiting.

1. It’s (Relatively) Cheap: Most people choose Argentina as a relaxing destination because the cost of lodging is considerably lower than other South American countries. The peso, (the local currency), is very kind on tourists’ pockets. The conversion rate is definitely on your side!

2. The Culture Is Rich: Messi’s homeland is full of cities where European-styled architectural sites cohabit with modern buildings. Each province has its own distinct musical style. Tango is only one of many traditional dances you can learn to blend in and have fun!

3.The people: Asides from their mad skills on the soccer field, Argentines are also known for being passionate, friendly, and open-minded. International musicians record their live concerts in Argentina because their crowds are very animated and exciting.

4. The Food: Argentine dishes are mostly natural and home-made. An Argentine table will always be loud, happy, and full of people and food. The traditional “Asado” is a slow-cooked barbecue with the best quality meat. There’s a reason why they’re internationally known!

5. Weather: Argentina’s diverse weather is perfect for the pickiest of tourists. The North is a great option to relax during the summer. The far south of the country, also known as “Patagonia” is a great area to visit during the winter. You can practice snowboarding in the resorts of El
Calafate, or watch the natural paradise that is the Perito Moreno Glacier.

6: The Natural Beauty: You’ll find majestic sceneries all over the country. From the Cerro de los siete colores in Jujuy, the Iguazu Falls in Misiones, to the Glaciers in Patagonia, Argentina is exquisite, and offers many different climates within the same country. Perfect for our Outdoor Adventures!

7. Paperwork: Argentina’s migration policies are not particularly strict and most European travelers, including those from the UK, can enter the country and stay for up to 90 days without a visa. US travellers don’t need a visa either. Citizens of China and most Asian countries do need a visa that must be requested in advance to the Argentine consulate in their country. It’s possible to request the form online and pay around USD 100 fee in advance. All that’s required for a tourist visa is a valid passport, a picture, a round trip ticket and proof that you can pay for your stay.