Wing Shooting in Cordoba or Entre Rios – Why we prefer Entre Rios for our Dove Shooting Adventures

Argentina is renowned as the dove shooting capital of the world but many think that their only option is the countryside surrounding the city of Cordoba. Whilst it must be said that Cordoba boasts the greatest population of dove in the country at around 35 million, below Jon Hurley lists the reasons why we believe Entre Rios is actually a much better destination for your next wing shooting trip to Argentina.
  • Dove Volume – For sure, the province of Cordoba hosts the largest population of dove in Argentina at around 35 million birds, what’s generally not known is that dove populate great swaths of the countryside all across Argentina, and the province of Entre Rios, situated along the Rio Parana, has a population of around 25 million birds providing equally good sport when compared with the more famous region to the West.

  • Travelling in Argentina – If you are travelling to Argentina for a short trip with your friends or family to enjoy a couple of days dove shooting, the last thing you want to be doing is wasting lots of time once you arrive. Whilst the internal flights from BsAs to Cordoba and BsAs to Parana are reasonably similar (1.5hrs to Cordoba, 1hr to Parana), the biggest difference is in the day to day travelling once you arrive at the lodge. It’s very common amongst the lodges in Cordoba for the shooting grounds to be anywhere from 30-90 minutes travelling time away from where you’re staying, so that’s giving you anywhere from between 1 hour and 3hrs EACH DAY of travelling just to get to where the birds are. Now, I don’t know about you, but when I’m away shooting I want to spend as much time on the peg as possible, and the idea of wasting valuable time each day in a car infuriates me. Entre Rios on the other hand is a different ballgame. There is a short drive from airport to lodge (about 45 minutes) but once you’ve arrived at the lodge, you are no more than 10 minutes away from the peg, no matter if you’re duck, dove, perdiz or pigeon shooting. Why put up with hours wasted in a car travelling to and fro when you can be enjoying some great sport and hitting than 1000 bird club only a short walk from the lodge?

Dove Shooting


  • Variety of Game – Whilst Cordoba may be renowned as mecca for dove hunting in Argentina, continuous heavy shooting over 3 or 4 days can leave your shoulder feeling slightly worse for wear! One of the greatest selling points of wing shooting in Entre Rios over other destinations are the variety of game you can hunt during your trip. If joining that 1000 bird club is your primary goal you can just as easily do that in Entre Rios as in Cordoba, but then once that’s achieved you can give your shoulder a bit of rest by spending a morning hunting duck over a pond or enjoy some walked up perdiz (partridge) over dogs. There’s also the possibility to get out on the water and enjoy some sports fishing for a great South American sports fish, the Golden Dorado, which can be caught on fly or spinner. If you want to try and enjoy as much sport as possible during your trip, then Entre Rios is the destination for you.

Duck shooting


If you are planning a Dove Hunting trip to Argentina in the near future, contact us today on and we’ll be happy to talk over your options and answer any questions you may have.