Wing Shooting

The Outdoor Vibe is proud to work with some of the most exciting lodges in Argentina. Our outfitters have been running lodges for decades so know exactly what to offer to our clientele to ensure their stay is memorable. Wing Shooting in Argentina has been a mainstay of country life for generations and our guides are some of the most knowledgeable available.

Tour Highlights

  • Entre Rios is known for it’s large Dove population as well as it’s duck and partridge shooting.
  • The Eared doves are the size of the popular Mourning Dove in North America and their flocks can reach into the millions in size
  • Our lodge is one of the few mixed bag lodges in the country allowing you to shooting dove, duck, partridge and pigeon plus fishing for golden dorado all within 10 minutes of the lodge.
  • The location of the lodge mean that our guests have minimal travelling from lodge to hunting grounds. Unlike Cordoba where you can expect to travel 30-90 minutes each morning, here you can be on your peg 10 minutes after breakfast.
  • The lodges are all inclusive for all meals and drinks.

Your Choice of Game

We can offer wing shooting for Perdiz, Dove, Pigeon and Duck. Exact tour itineraries are organised after speaking with yourself to ensure you are spending your time shooting as you wish.

Time at the lodges can be spent targeting a single species or, if you prefer, each day can be arranged to hunt something new. It’s even possible to spend a day on the river fishing for the Golden Dorado, a renowned sports fish in South America known as “The River Tiger”.

Interested? Call for more information

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